Ali Landry’s Raises Child Safety Awareness On The RedCARpet

This is the 5th Annual Celebrity Red CARpet Safety Event created by Ali Landry. It’s fun & family-friendly, which means you should DEFINITELY bring your child. Last year my kids were assessed by child-seat safety experts which made me feel so much better about our seats. I got a recommendations for exactly the right fit for them. I was very happy to get that help. All the kids played on a mini-me sized driving area with cute kids cars. They were very happy that there was lots of fun stuff for them to do! Moms left with raffle prizes and swag bags which made all the husbands happy (because their wives were happy😉). And it’s just a fun day, with an important focus, all in the name of raising awareness for child safety.

“Did you know that 4 out of 5 car seats are NOT installed properly?”

Ali calls it the Celebrity Red CARpet Event, which I think is perfect because mamas in Hollywood show up! The celebrity support is incredible. I can’t tell you how important it is that we all show our support too & help get the word out however we can! And YOU are invited so please get your tickets now (starting as low as $10) & read up on what inspired Ali to help moms through her endeavors.

You know Ali also runs a website for moms? It cooresponds with her App. You knew she had an app, right? She also manages a family of 5 in her household! Ali also just shot a movie with husband Alejandro Gómez Monteverde . When does she sleep? You know, that’s how we do it, right moms? And she is just as beautiful in the inside and she is on the outside.

Here’s what Ali had to say about the inspiration behind her App

“As a mother of three, I was constantly researching the best products for my kids, going online, attending expos and even reaching out to brands directly about products I was interested in. When online, I was inundated with so many product reviews on so many products that I honestly was confused on what to purchase. When reading good reviews on various shopping platforms, I wasn’t sure what these people had in common with me, and if what they liked would be something I liked.

So I thought, I can’t be the only one that is facing these tough decisions and there really needs to be some platform that shows what people’s ultimate favorite products are to make shopping smarter, easier and more efficient. Let be real, as moms, who has the extra time? That’s when I joined forces with my partners and we all came up with the perfect solution…

After 14 months of growth, development and intense labor, I was finally ready to give birth and share my new baby with the world. I am so thrilled for you guys to go on, sign up, discover new products and favor your favorites. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and see what you are favoring!” -Ali Landry on

redcarpet safety

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