Camila Alves Attended Last Night’s Pump Station Party For Moms

Designer & Model Camila Alves joined moms last night to make millions of digital impressions on Twitter, with an evening of Parenting & Baby experts. Kids In The House, the largest video library of parenting help on the web, hosted the “Twitter Party”. The event was in celebration of the 30th birthday of The Pump Station, an LA institution for expecting & new mommies.

When talking about breast-feeding, Camila shared helpful advice from her own personal experiences. Working moms were worried about how to pump while away from baby. Camila candidly suggested pumping as often as you would normally be feeding baby, to keep your body on schedule. Drawing from her own experiences, she was happy to share any tips that worked for her, hoping they might help other moms.


Along with her parenting experience, she brought along thoughtful information about baby food, which she is passionate about. Her commitment to feeding her own kids fresh foods, inspired her new company Yummy Spoonfuls. The brand of food for baby & tots is an extension of Camila’s passion for pure clean foods & nutritive eating for both baby & mother. With Yummy Spoonfuls, busy parents can have healthy food options on-the-go, or at home,  so their child always has good food available to eat.

You’ve may have seen Yummy Spoonfuls at your local Target? That’s Camilla! She & Mom/Chef Agatha Achindu are passionately devoted to making this fresh, certified organic, delicious baby food. You can read all about them & see all of their products on the website.

If you’re wondering how some moms spent their Tuesday night, it was at a party, in our pajamas, while promoting healthy parenting, creating community, & all while taking care of our kids at home. That’s an awesome kind of party.

Follow Camila Alves @iamcamilaalves on Twitter

For all the helpful info from parenting experts like Dr Harvey Karp, Dr Tanya Altman, and moms in media like Camilla, you can search the party hashtag: #PumpStation30 on Twitter


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