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What is a Moms In Media Team?

Women in all media industries come here and form teams to address specific issues that effect moms in the workplace and at home. We see most clearly where policies and “the norm” need to shift. Women have passion & energy that run deep and together we can affect real change. MIMI has found that every woman we speak to has an individual cause or focus that they feel strongly about. Creating MIMI Teams makes it possible to cover many areas under one united organization.

Our teams function like committees, meeting online, discovering each-other’s strongest assets to work on the area their team wants to make a difference in.

Who is on the team?

Our teams form organically. We’re starting with issue that come up most frequently or need immediate attention. News trends and movements help us know when to dedicate time and energy to certain aspects of the media industries.  As the teams form, we will list them here so you can join in. Simply being a part of Moms In Media & subscribing to the monthly newsletter is shows us that you are on our team & that’s the most important team in the game. Comradery. Communication. Community.

Do I have to join MIMI Teams?

Just by being a part of Moms In Media, you ARE on the team! We will be your tribe, your team, and you are welcome to utilize our organization however it best works for you.

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