We Podcast: The MOMTOURAGE

Hi! It’s Kristin Cruz here. Founding Mom at MomsInMedia and formerly known as the co-host of The KOST 103.5fm “Mark & Kristin Morning Radio Show” in Los Angeles. I’m a Broadcaster by profession, and a collaborator at heart. I love working with people to lift them up & promote their works. I also love me some time on the mic. I’ve had some of the most fascinating, eye-opening and even life-changing conversations under headphones. I was asked to bring that kind of experience here with some of the experts I’ve met along the way in my entertainment career. So here we have it!

We Podcast. The MomsInMedia Monthly Podcast is called: The MOMTOURAGE.

Momming ain’t easy. That’s why we have friends. (And wine.) Now we have, The MOMTOURAGE Show to help.

You’re welcome. Now let’s go have some fun.

The MOMTOURAGE has arrived.

We showcase moms working in the industry & their journey in motherhood, like no other show ever has. Many times I have guests on to talk about a charity or cause that is dear to them, and that needs our media power to get the word out.

Something special happens when we get together chatting like this. Motivation. Connections. Miracles. Laughs & entertainment. We could all use that, right? Uplifting, feminine, strong, inspirational, real, girl-time.


Broadcasting & Blogging segments from Moms In Media with in-depth Interviews from Experts on Parenting Lifestyle, Working Moms, Dream Jobbing, Maternity Leave, Mompreneurs, Career Change, Childcare & Safety, Equal Pay, A Mothers Rights At Work, Health & Wellness, Personal Relaunch, Relationships, Finances, Creative Outlets, Helping Others by Giving Back and more..

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