The Momtourage Meets Up with Elise Strachan My Cupcake Addiction

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Kristin Cruz interviews Our Baking Expert: Elise Strachan – Mom of 2, Author Sweet Celebrations, Bakeshop Mompreneur, You Tube Star Chef, TV Cooking Personality

ELISE STRACHAN changed her life by getting serious about baking & taking a chance on her passion. Turning a love of sweets into a business-plan, she opened up a bakery in Australia, where she lived. Her customers fell in love with her desserts & asked Elise to teach them her homemade tips & tricks. She gave some lessons & began popping some videos up on YouTube. Her warm personality & down-to-earth approach made her a hit with bakers everywhere & MyCupcakeAddiction was born. And 2 kids were born too! Juggling it all, she decided to go to Culinary School (Yes, while pregnant of course!) & took her career to the next level.


Hear more about one of YouTube’s TOP cooking channels & the Mom behind it all.

Elise is also the published book author of SWEET CELEBRATIONS as well as the #MomBoss running the entire MCA Lifestyle Brand.

Go behind-the-scenes in our BONUS INTERVIEW available soon on KHTS 1220AM. Visit & SUBSCRIBE to be notified of the air-dates.

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Next: San Diego CookieCon is September 16-17th 2017

VIP LA Cookie Con Ticket Gift

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Our friends & Red Carpet partners is joining forces with Moms In Media to get you into LA COOKIE CON this weekend, on us.

We’ll be there to see Food Network Baking Star Duff Goldman, YouTuber Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies, Celeb Baker & Mom Elise Strachan of My Cupcake Addiction, Mom-Actress Michelle Gellar of Foodstirs.

la cookie con celebrity chefs

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How Working In Hollywood, Helps In Motherhood

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When it comes to Motherhood, I’ve found that what worked for me in the boardroom, doesn’t always work in the baby’s room. There are SO many things that applied in the office, and then later don’t mean squat when you become a mother. Right? Your degrees. Your business cards with that well-thoughtout title. Your sleek email signature. Your on-point Power Points. And a million other things you’ve earned, learned & perfected through the years. I was shocked when I realized that I could flip the switch on a mic and talk to millions of listeners on teh radio, but I couldn’t figure out how to get a poopie pamper into the Diaper Geenie in full panic-mode!

Motherhood saw me getting off the elevator at the end of a workday and just *HAHAHAHAHA* laughed in my face. I juggled work & mom-life at home while trying to manage my split personality. It can meess with your head, & definitly with your fashion choices (and makeup routine). I even feel like sometimes it’s still waiting for me to trip so it can bring me down to the level and make me change into comfort sneakers.

Okay Motherhood, you win that one.

But, I decided to take a moment, before continuing to the employee parking lot. I’m looked Motherhood right in the face and using these work-skills I’ve developed to slay it at home. Sometimes it works! Other times, I laugh at myself and learn a new lesson. The lesson of how not to take yourself too seriously 😉

Working a Red Carpet is a lot like Preschool.

When you send him off for his first day of Pre-School, you dress him up in something you’ve had planned for a long time. You talk about how much fun they’re going to have. You tell them “It’s OK” to be a little bit nervous. And you remind him how fun it will be to meet new interesting people, and new friends.

That’s not so unlike getting ready to do a Red Carpet event. This is a legit career parallel. Nervous mixed with excited. New outfits and new friends. And just like the parents, everybody is taking lots of pictures!

Kristin Laura Red Carpet Hosts
This weekend Laura Nickerson and I will be working the Red Carpet and playing with new friends, reuniting with neighborhood friends, and interviewing a huge line-up of incredible people at THE LA BABY SHOW.

Now was your baby nervous for their first day of preschool? Nah. A little seperation anxiety for some kids who want to stay near Mama.  But they are usually curious and excited! They didn’t know what was coming, but it looked like it could be fun, and there was a new place to explore and things to see. That’s kind of like how Laura and I don’t get as much “nervous” as we do EXCITED excited to go out on the Red Carpet and play!

Sure, our camera and mic is alot bigger than an iPhone, and I’m not sure I’m probably not going to be singing about Gymbo the clowd. But, there will be lots of bright colors, fabulous outfits, yummy snacks and even goodie bags. (That’s my favorite part!)

LA BABY SHOW Motherhood Goodie Bags

Make sure that if you are coming to LA BABY SHOW, you come visit us, because there are fantastic places where you can kick up your feet and relax. (Now that’s something that toddlers rarely do.) This is mom-specific experience that we have worked really hard to create for you VIP influencers. It’s called the MomAngeles Lounge. I know there will be some incredible brands in there like Babyganics, Bugaboo, ClubMomme, Munchkin, and Good Goods with toys and freebies! Nail Garden is bringing manicures. Burke Williams is bringing massages. I’m taking some time in there for sure, and you should too. Get to know these brands and luxuriate. We’ve worked so hard, and totally deserve it.

Of course there’s a Lactation Lounge hosted by my friends The Pump Station. I don’t know anyone better than them to host this kind of lounge. They are the ones that actually helped me when I sent my husband to go rent my first pump eight years ago. That was the begining of many many times they help me as a new mother and all along the way. [Over half a million people have watched this hilarious video of Pump Station and my guest GloZell – posted below.]

We have hundreds of incredible brands setting up tables right now downtown getting ready for parents to check them out. Harmonie from POP Your Shop is sending me updates every hour! This is the biggest baby show in the whole nation. And I know lots of media is planning to be there to cover it all and to be a part of it. Celebs like GloZell, Ali Fedotowsky, Nicole Feliciano, Wendy Burch, Brooke Burke, just to name a few, are planning to spand the day with us tomorrow. Seriously, LA BABY SHOW will be the coolest thing you do this weekend. Get your tix for Saturday and Sunday now! [20% off discount here.]

Just like a toddler on the first day of Preschool, I can’t wait to get in there & have fun!

Side note..

And to the new moms, just so you know… You may not be looking forward to your little one’s first day of school. It’s sad. They’re growing up too fast already. I get it. But TRUST ME. You’ll soon be sitting in your car in the parking lot, alone, going “OMG. What am I going to do with 3 hours of free time?” and then cheering and dancing around like a fool usually follows 😉


I hope to see you this weekend for a lot of fun, freebies and playing with friends! Please tune in to our Facebook page for life video surprises and behind the scenes hilarity from Kristin and Laura. Thanks for having us host yet another #BestOfLA event for parents!

Molly Sims joins parents for LA’s Best UnWINEdLA event!

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Molly Sims dazzles on the red carpet & on TV, but she spends her regular life as a busy mom who is concerned about our schools just like us (& maybe in yoga pants & a top-knot too?) The Supermodel mom showed up for LA’s Best UnWINEdLA event Friday night at Casa Del Mar to show her support for the wonderful work being done there to help our schools & kids in need. Stepping inside the west side party, it was a night filled with fun, fundraising & fine dining.

Molly Sims, UnWINEdLA 2016 Charity Event

LA’s Best now helps almost 200 schools create highly impactful after-school programs that have a specific goal. Here’s the plan: Kids get a safe place to go on-campus after school. That’s #1. In there, they get help with their homework, a nutritious snack, and an activity that’s FUN! Doesn’t reading the description just put a smile on your face?

You can get involved all year long, & stay in the loop on upcoming events. The LA’s Best events are a good time for sure! But you can also become a Best Friend anytime with a donation & sharing about the cause. We also think this is a great way to get your business or brand involved in bettering the community. Companies like Dry Bar, Stila, Gelsons, The Standard Hotel, Lenny & Larry’s Vegan Cookies, Caffe Luxe & so many more helped to sponsor last week’s event.

Moms In Media feels like LA’s Best is a big hug for our kids who really need this expertly provided service, every single day of the school year. We think there work is vital. They spread support, awareness, love, friendship & the importance of community. Get a mom at school, or your neighbor, & let’s come together with LA’s Best to bring the best school experience to all LA families.

Special shout-out to the famous families who helped get some media attention for this worthy cause. If you can help get the word out (or bring the funds in) through what you do for a living, please contact our philanthropic events production team at iHeartMoms so we can join forces.

KIA Motors at ConnectHER with MomsInMedia co-founder Kristin Cruz

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connect her logos

“We are so pleased to welcome Kia Motors to #ConnectHer16. Working with Kia this year through our sister site Family Vacation Hub has been amazing and we are now excited to be working with them at the ConnectHER Media Conference in Manhattan Beach!”

Do you have your tickets yet? ConnectHER is a Social Media & Business Conference for Women. Reserve your spot now & join us! See the line up & all the info here.

“Along with Kia, look for Kristin Cruz, former Morning Host on the “Mark & Kristin Show” KOST 103.5 and founder of Moms In Media. Kristin will be interviewing guests and participating brands plus she’ll be interacting with guests taking pictures for the:

#InstaKia – Take A Picture with Kia Challenge and Giveaway!” 

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Camila Alves Attended Last Night’s Pump Station Party For Moms

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Designer & Model Camila Alves joined moms last night to make millions of digital impressions on Twitter, with an evening of Parenting & Baby experts. Kids In The House, the largest video library of parenting help on the web, hosted the “Twitter Party”. The event was in celebration of the 30th birthday of The Pump Station, an LA institution for expecting & new mommies.

When talking about breast-feeding, Camila shared helpful advice Read the rest of this entry »

Ali Landry’s Raises Child Safety Awareness On The RedCARpet

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This is the 5th Annual Celebrity Red CARpet Safety Event created by Ali Landry. It’s fun & family-friendly, which means you should DEFINITELY bring your child. Last year my kids were assessed by child-seat safety experts which made me feel so much better about our seats. I got a recommendations for exactly the right fit for them. I was very happy to get that help. All the kids played on a mini-me sized driving area with cute kids cars. They were very happy that there was lots of fun stuff for them to do! Moms left with raffle prizes and swag bags which made all the husbands happy (because their wives were happy😉). And it’s just a fun day, with an important focus, all in the name of raising awareness for child safety.

“Did you know that 4 out of 5 car seats are NOT installed properly?”

Ali calls it the Celebrity Red CARpet Event, which I think is perfect because mamas in Hollywood show up! The celebrity support is incredible. I can’t tell you how important it is that we all show our support too & help get the word out however we can! And YOU are invited so please get Read the rest of this entry »